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The original GOODTIME ran 1924 – 1938 and was run by the Cleveland and Buffalo Transit Company (A.k.a. C & B Line). This vessel was originally the City of Detroit II. Built in the city of it’s name in 1889, she was 286’6″ x 70’3″ and was designed at 1,919 gross tons. The ship’s “run” was Cleveland to Cedar Point. She made 1,214 round trips and 1,220 Moonlight cruises before closing in September 1938 and being finally scrapped in 1941.

The GOODTIME II, a family owned and operated business started its operations in 1958 – Vince and Herbert Fryan are the Founders. They continued to keep alive the name and created a new tradition of providing safe sailing’s of the Cleveland Lakefront and Cuyahoga River area, and has rightfully become an institution to the city of Cleveland. GOODTIME’S “Cuyahoga River Tour” has become a “staple” in the educational field trip option of ALL School districts within a seventy mile radius of Cleveland and a “top” city tour while visiting Cleveland. Guests range from local residents to the famous from far, far away. Distinguished guests from around the globe become “passengers” while sightseeing during a stay at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. Celebrities include the late Peter Jennings, Halle Berry, Willard Scott, Chuck Norris, Drew Carey, Robert Redford, Cleveland Television Anchors & Sports figures alike.

In 1984, Vince and Herbert Fryan, sold the Company to Capt. Jim Fryan, Vince’s son. Twenty – six years after the “resurrection” of the Name GOODTIME, it was about to undergo a dramatic change. This change included added trips, several cosmetic improvements, and a new perspective on the business at hand.

captain bruce hudec from goodtime iii
captain rick and news reporter robin

The changes were effective and the Company “grew” its attendance figures each and every season. Along with the city’s entertainment expansion, Capt. Jim knew it was time to make serious changes. In 1988 the decision to build a new ship was made. The newer GOODTIME was to be the ship for the next millennium, much larger and designed for the comfort of the passenger. On September 16, 1990 the new GOODTIME III was delivered to Capt. Jim and Cleveland. The following season the city showed that it was the right decision, a banner year it was – attendance surpassed any other year by 45%. The 1,000-passenger luxury ship is perfect for all types of events and functions. Many area businesses charter the ship for various events every summer. Conventions and Social Organizations utilize the GOODTIME III for dinner functions, fundraisers and gatherings because of the uniqueness of the facility. Capt. Jim Fryan, an entrepreneur and musician, enjoyed Blues the Most. Jim was also a fond collector of antique 50’s automobiles. Jim passed in 2012 – Jim’s Son; Captain Rick Fryan who joined the organization in May 1986 manages the businesses day to day operations.

Capt. Bruce Hudec piloted the GOODTIME III thru 2014. He was a local Euclidean that started as a deckhand in 1971 and worked diligently to move up. He devoted his life to the Company for 43 Years. Capt. Jim Carlin often adds his own insightful narrative to the taped Narration recorded by Cleveland’s own Mark Nolan. Jim’s hobbies include Motorcycling and Fishing Lake Erie.

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