Welcome aboard the Goodtime III - Great for group gatherings.

Welcome Aboard!


Public Cruise Group Discount of 20 or more people.

· Narrated Lake/River Tours – $1.00 off each Person – (group of 20 or more paid)

· Friday Happy Hour – $2 .00 off each Person – (group of 20 or more paid)

· Friday Night Dance Cruises – $2 .oo off each Person – (group of 20 or more paid)

Group Leader gets a FREE Ticket for every 25 PAID Tickets!

For ALL Groups; in order to receive the group rate, ONE person (Group Leader) handles the reservation, payment, distribution of tickets and the organization of the group to board the ship with a group boarding pass.

On the day of the cruise we strongly recommend you arrive early and…

#1 – FIRST Report to the Ticket Office to get Boarding Pass/Tickets, pay final balances, etc.

#2 – Organize your group on the Pier for Boarding ( first come, first serve ) Groups with a Single Boarding Pass MUST Board TOGETHER as ONE Group

#3 – Enjoy the Cruise with your colleagues, friends or family!

Call 216-861-5110 to make reservations or with any questions.

Professional Tour Operators must call 1-888-916-SHIP or email;  bob@goodtimeiii.com to get confidential PTO Rates.

“Buy the Boat for the Night”
Please keep in mind that the GOODTIME III is available for Private Charter.