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IS Smoking permitted on the Vessel?

We NO longer permit Smoking of Cigarettes, Cigars, Vaping Pens or Electronic Cigarettes due to an overwhelming demand to provide a “Smoke Free” Atmosphere for our Passengers.  Most cruises arr no more than 2-Hours.  For the Saturday Night Dinner & City Lights Cruise, Passengers that DO smoke, can disembark the Vessel and smoke on the Dock during the intermission time of approx.  9:10PM to 9:35PM.

What types of trips do you offer?
We have a variety of cruises to fit your needs.
Our Narrated Sightseeing Tours offer unparalleled views and information on Cleveland’s past and what the future holds for the city. Narrated Luncheon Tours offers the same views and information with an additional hour dockside buffet style lunch. Our Happy Hour is a great way to skip the rush hour traffic and enjoy some end of the week drinks. Friday Night Dance Cruise offer an opportunity to take in the sights and enjoy music and dancing. Saturday City Lights Cruise offers an evening on the water taking in the skyline and live classic rock bands. Our Dinner and City Lights Cruise offers a buffet style dinner followed by our City Lights Cruise. We also provide special event cruises for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and 4th of July. If you are looking for a venue for a private event please call our office at 216-861-5110 for more information.

When are these Cruises ?
2019 Public Cruise Schedule

Where can I buy tickets? Do I need a reservation?
Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or at our ticket office. Reservations are required for any trip with a meal as well as for our special events. Tickets for our daily Narrated Sightseeing Tours, Friday Night Happy Hour Cruises, Friday Dance Cruises, and Saturday City Lights Cruises may be purchased prior to boarding, but we do recommend buying online or calling in ahead of time and placing a reservation to ensure your spot on-board.

What is the capacity of the ship?
The Goodtime III is inspected and approved by the United States Coast Guard to carry 1,000 passengers!  However, we never exceed 800 for the comfort of our passengers. We are Cleveland’s largest passenger excursion vessel!

Do you offer any group discounts?
We offer group discounts on most cruises for groups of 20 or more when one group leader secures payment. Please call our ticket office at 216-861-5110 for information. Group discount rates are not available online.

What does the ticket price include?
Ticket price for our Narrated Sightseeing Tours, Harbor Happy Hour Cruises, Smooth Jazz ~ R&B Cruises, and City Lights Cruises includes passage and entertainment on-board. Food and beverage is available for purchase at our galley or full service bars. Dinners include passage, buffet~style dinner, coffee, tea, iced tea, water, and live entertainment along with a DJ. Luncheons include passage, buffet~style lunch, coffee, tea, iced tea, water, narration, and music

What form of payment do you accept for your public schedule?
We accept cash, credit, and debit cards. When using a Goodtime III issued gift certificates you must first confirm validation by contacting our ticket office prior to your cruise choice. Please note that if using your certificate for a cruise inclusive of a lunch or dinner we require at least 3 days prior notice providing there is still availability.  Digital or Electronic Gift Cards can be redeemed for cruises and tours on our website.

Where do I pick up my tickets?
Pre-purchased tickets can be picked up at the will-call window, or purchased at the ticket window at our ticket office south of the Goodtime III. PYou must have your Photo ID with you – This is our Policy to pick up Pre-Purchased Tickets

What is your cancellation policy? What if I miss the boat?
All cruises are non-refundable and not transferable. We suggest all guests arrive early, and factor traffic, parking, and special events in the downtown area into their plans.  If for any reason your trip is cancelled at our discretion, we will provide you with a cruise voucher to return another day.

Do you have to be a certain age to ride? Can we bring children?
Our daily lake and river tours and luncheons are open to guests of all ages. Our evening cruises are for adults aged 21 and over only. We check ID prior to ticket purchase or pick-up for our evening cruises. Children age 4 and younger may ride for free (free ticket must be picked up at ticket office) aboard daytime Luncheon and Sightseeing Tours. The Goodtime III does not provide any highchairs due to the lack of space onboard.

Do you sell gift cards/certificates?
We sell electronic or digital gift cards in various denominations and they may be purchased online or over the phone.

What do I need to bring with me the day of the cruise?
If you have purchased your tickets online YOU will need your Photo ID  No one else can pick up your tickets for you.

Does your company offer charitable donations?
The Goodtime III gives back to the community in many ways, and we are happy to help with donations to various charitable organizations throughout the year. We do not offer monetary donations. For more information, click here.

May we rent out/charter the ship?
The Goodtime III may be chartered for private events for groups ranging from 50-800 guests. We handle all sorts of events including corporate outings, college senior class parties, weddings, anniversaries, employee appreciation events, and more. For options, availability, and custom quotes please call our ticket office at 216-861-5110 or email us at charters@goodtimeiii.com

Can I get married on the ship?
You certainly can! All of our Captains are able to perform the ceremony, and we are the perfect location for receptions. We have many options ranging from a ceremony on-board one of our public trips to extravagant private wedding events. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for everything you may need, making it easier to enjoy your special day! Please call 216-861-5110 for information, or email us at weddings@goodtimeiii.com

Boarding the Ship

Where can I park?
There is first-come-first serve on the pier right near the boat, and there are additional lots about a ten minute walk away. Please note that parking at most of these lots is cash only. Please click here for information on parking and directions.

Where do I board the Ship?
The Goodtime III boards at our dock on the east face of the East 9th Street Pier in downtown Cleveland, just past the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and near the Great Lakes Science Center

Where do I pick up my tickets?
The GOODTIME III Ticket Office is located on the East 9th Street Pier south of the ship’s summer dock. Pre-purchased tickets can be picked up at the WILL-CALL window. Your email confirmation is not a valid ticket to get on the ship, it must be validated at WILL-CALL. Tickets can be purchased the day of the cruise, provided it does not include a meal or a is a special event cruise. The TICKET WINDOW OPENS one hour before the ship leaves dock.

What time do I need to be there to get on the ship?
The vessel typically boards 30 minutes prior to our cruises (60 minutes for Narrated Luncheons). We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before boarding starts with the entirety of your group to retrieve your tickets or boarding pass, then line up at the boarding ramp. Your entire group must be present/in line to board the ship. Please allow yourself extra time for traffic, parking, and special events in the downtown area when you are planning your GOODTIME III outing. The vessel will not return to dock for latecomers, and cannot interrupt the departure process once the boarding ramp has been removed, so you must be in line or on-board at the departure time for your cruise. It is very important that the ship leaves dock on time due to the nature of the bridges in the river and our trip schedule.
Persons interfering with the timely departure of the vessel will be refused service without refund

What is the dress code?

We recommend dress casual attire. This being nice jeans or shorts, slacks, skirts, polos, button down shirts, or sun/summer dresses. For all cruises we do not permit hanging or sagging pants and we recommend no super high heels.  Please be prepared for the weather. We encourage no showing of any undergarments. Please make sure that you are dressed respectfully. GOODTIME III Management & Security retain the right to refuse passage to any guest deemed to be inappropriately or incompletely dressed.   Shirts and Shoes must always be worn.

May I bring my camera on-board?
You certainly may bring your personal camera on-board. The GOODTIME III is a great way to see the beautiful sights Cleveland, Lake Erie, and the Cuyahoga River have to offer. Please note that camera bags are subject to search at any time. There is no flash photography permitted on the front portion of the boat after dark.

Can I bring wrapped presents on-board?
No sealed packages are permitted on-board. We recommend that any gift exchange for special occasions utilize gift bags, as all baggage is subject to search at any time.

Is there anything else that I can’t bring on-board?
No weapons may be brought on-board, including but not limited to: firearms, knives, box cutters, tasers/stun guns, mace, pepper spray, aerosols, or any kind of explosive device. No alcohol or illegal substances may be brought aboard. We comply with the United States Coast Guard zero-tolerance policy toward illegal substances, and will assist in prosecution of those bringing such substance on-board. No outside food or beverage may be brought aboard. All baggage and persons are subject to search and seizure at any time. Safety is our number one concern.

Where does the ship go during cruises?  What if it rains?
An average sightseeing tour will head several miles up-river and will expose passengers to the interesting sights and history of the Cuyahoga River. Additionally, the ship will cruise the harbor and possibly the lake. The route varies based upon the Captain’s discretion factoring in weather conditions, river traffic, and directives from the United States Coast Guard. Each trip is unique. The GOODTIME III can & will sail rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, the boat will remain dockside until the weather improves. The safety of our guests is paramount. In the rare event that we must cancel a trip a rain check will be issued.

Is the Ship wheelchair accessible? Is there an elevator on-board?
The GOODTIME III boards by an adjustable boarding ramp, featuring an incline and a decline, which varies based on Lake Erie water levels. This ramp is 36” to 36 ¾” wide and can accommodate most standard size wheelchairs, walkers, and mobility scooters. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are permitted no further than the first deck.  Our Main Deck restrooms and gangway are ADA compliant. We do not have wheelchairs to provide to passengers. There is no elevator on-board. Please call us at 216-861-5110 if you have any questions or concerns regarding our accessibility.

What is your media and promotion policy?
The GOODTIME III has the right to interview, photograph or video any persons on premises. By entering our venue and/or purchasing a ticket for a cruise, you give your consent for the release, publication, exhibition or reproduction of the above mentioned interviews, photographs, audio and/or video recordings for use in promotional materials including, but not limited to, print, radio, television, and online advertisements, web casts, social media channels, trade or vendor shows, GOODTIME III website and blog, or any other purpose deemed necessary by GOODTIME III.

Food and Entertainment Questions

What kind of food is offered on-board?  Is there a Bar?
We offer several different menus for our luncheons, dinners, and specialty cruises through our exclusive catering partner, Normandy Catering. We have a galley on-board that also serves sandwiches, snacks, and soft drinks. The GOODTIME III has 4 full service bars serving mixed drinks, beer, wine, and soft drinks. We have extensive menu options available for private events, weddings, and group outings. Please call us at 216-861-5110 with any questions regarding food/catering.

How can I make purchases on-board?  Can I run a tab at the Bar or Galley Snack Bar?

Cash is preferred, but credit and debit cards are accepted. Please note that due to our route, it is not always possible to run a card, and you should plan to have cash as a backup. Yes, you can open a tab at the bar, however you must leave your credit card and ID with the Bartender and you can only access that tab from the bar at which you opened it. Any tabs that are not settled at the end of the trip are subject to an 18% gratuity charge. Any group of 8 or more is subject to an 18% gratuity charge.

May I bring my own food and drinks?
No outside food and beverage is permitted aboard the GOODTIME III. With advance notice, we will permit a cake on-board for birthdays or special events. When bringing a cake, you must bring all paper or plastic utensils to cut and eat the cake. To include; plates, plastic forks and knifes and napkins. There are absolutely no candles (open flames) allowed on the ship per the US Coast Guard. The crew is not responsible of the safe keeping of any cakes. Any bags or cake boxes are subject to search and seizure at any time. We suggest eating a meal before your cruise if you are worried about any dietary restrictions due to the fact that we do not have a full kitchen on board and can not make substitutions. Please call 216-861-5110 with any questions.

Are there vegetarian options on your luncheons and dinners?
Our luncheons and dinners feature several vegetarian-friendly menu items. Please call our ticket office at 216-861-5110 if you have any dietary concerns.

How does seating work for your cruises/tours?
For a Narrated Luncheon, Dinner or special event cruise we practice cruise style dining with assigned seating, therefore you may be seated with other guests. All food service and seating will take place on the Main Deck unless stated otherwise at time of booking. Once the food service portion of the trip is over you are welcome to roam the ship.  Seating for our daytime Narrated Sightseeing Tours, Happy Hour, Dance Cruises, and City Lights Cruises are on a first-come-first-basis. During the Narrated Luncheon Cruise we have the Tour-Only passengers proceed to the Second or Third deck for seating until the luncheon food service is completed.  Seating for the narrated sightseeing tours is first-come-first-serve. During our luncheons, sightseeing only passenger seating will begin on the upper decks as needed. For our lunch, dinner and special event cruises we practice cruise style dining and there may be assigned seating, therefore you may be seated with other guests.

What kind of entertainment is there on-board?
For our daytime sightseeing tours, we offer a recorded narration supplemented with additional insight by the Captain. For the second portion of the trip, music from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees & Music of today is played in the background. Our Friday night Happy Hour Cruises and our Friday night evening cruises feature Live Jazz and R&B Bands and a DJ from Surgical Sound.  Our Saturday Night Dinner and City Lights Cruise features Live Bands and DJ spinning Old school and Current Hits.

IS Smoking permitted on the Vessel?
We NO longer permit Smoking of Cigarettes, Cigars, Vaping Pens or Electronic Cigarettes due to an overwhelming demand to provide a “Smoke Free” Atmosphere for our Passengers.  Most cruises arr no more than 2-Hours.  For the Saturday Night Dinner & City Lights Cruise, Passengers that DO smoke, can disembark the Vessel and smoke on the Dock during the intermission time of approx.  9:10PM to 9:35PM.


Goodtime III is committed to providing excellent customer service in a secure and safe environment.
Persons interfering with the timely departure of the vessel will be refused service without refund

Prior to sailing, the Captain will give a safety speech on donning Life Jackets and general safety rules. We ask that you listen carefully and if you have any questions or concerns at anytime during your cruise, that you contact one of our uniformed crew members.
Our vessel is inspected annually by the U.S. Coast Guard and must operate in compliance with the Marine Transportation Security Act of 2002. Our Captains are licensed and drug tested along with our safety-sensitive crew members.

Firearms and/or weapons of any kind are not permitted on-board
Passengers may be subject to search at any time
Carry on items/bags may be subject to search
Unattended items left on the vessel or the dock will be removed immediately
Goodtime III is monitored by C.C.T.V.

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