$10 Per Car/Van (up to 3.5 hours) Pier Parking

$25 Per Bus*


Please be aware that the city of Cleveland has installed new multi space pay stations at their East Ninth Street Pier Parking lot.  The new cost the city is charging for parking up to 3.5 hours is $10.  $16.00 for more than 3.5 hours. The Pay Stations accept credit cards and exact cash.  There are 3 pay stations located on the pier, 2 next to the Nuevo Restaurant and one station located at the entrance to the parking lot.  You will need to know your license plate number when paying and give yourself extra time for parking.  Alternate parking lots are available for a lesser amount and are a short 6-10 minute walk to the boat.

*No LARGE Buses ON Pier please.  Busses Park @ Port Authority North Coast Visitor Lot –  Pier parking is first-come, first serve.
Parking Rates are subject to change